I am a Research Professor in the research group for health and welfare services at NOVA, University College Oslo (HiOA). 

I hold a PhD in political science from the University of Oslo, Norway. 

My profile at NOVA is here.

My areas of research interest cover European integration, EU migration policy, national migration policy in selected European countries, national identity, urban studies, immigrant organisations and theories on democracy. Earlier studies have dealt with multilateral institutions such as the EU and NATO. I have always had a particular interest in German politics, and have written a PhD thesis on German migration policy in the period between 1990 and 2004. In recent years I have been working on Norwegian nationalism and cultural studies. Since joining NOVA in 2008, I have worked on the link between welfare and migration at both national and European levels. I have also studied the European border control regime.
In 2015 I was the leader of a project on the Dublin Regulation and onward migration in Europe, which led to this report: 

All European countries are not the same! 
The Dublin Regulation and onward migration in Europe

CV in English (pdf)

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